Dead Cyborg


Adventures in an imperfect future


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Dead Cyborg is a first person graphic adventure where you control a character who wakes up in a half-destroyed spaceship with no memory of how or why he is there.

From that moment on, as you explore and try to escape the spaceship, your hero will begin to recover fragments of his memory that will help him begin to tie up loose ends. It doesn't take long to discover, for example, that humanity is lost and he is one of the few survivors.

The adventure plays out in first person in a series of totally three-dimensional environments. That means that you can (and should) explore all of the scenery to find items that will help you progress.

You'll need to look around, find clues, collect objects, use items from your inventory together with the environment, and basically solve tons of puzzles if you want to reach the end.

Dead Cyborg is an adventure game with an interesting story that also happens to include spectacular graphics. And the really incredible thing is that the whole game is the work of just one person.